Syntiro Case Study


DRPG is a leading global creative communications agency. In 2008 they set out to be the first agency to achieve certification to ISO 14001 and BS 8901 (the British predecessor to ISO 20121) and to become a recognised leader in the field of event sustainability.

We conducted an Initial Sustainability Review and developed an action plan to ensure project stages, timelines and responsibilities were clear from the outset. Through a workshop with key individuals, we identified DRPG’s significant sustainability risks and opportunities and compliance obligations. This led to the development of meaningful objectives, targets and plans in line with DRPG’s sustainability principles and values and strategic goals.

At an early stage, we identified that there was a danger that the generation of ‘paperwork’ within DRPG was taking priority over meaningful action. After a meeting with the CEO, we helped implement a new engagement programme where each team identified their own objective: the team could choose any tangible objective as long as it was measurable and reported on.

DRPG became the first agency in the world to achieve ISO 14001 and BS 8901 certification.


Examples of company-wide and divisional achievements included:

  • 45% reduction in electricity consumption per person
  • 85% reduction in paper usage and associated waste, ink, time, equipment wear and tear
  • increasing efficiency of financial controls

Twelve years down the line we still work with DRPG, conducting internal audits and supporting management review meetings. Every couple of years, we appoint a new internal auditor from the Syntiro team (usually an accredited Lead Auditor) to ensure fresh scrutiny and oversight.

For their approach to event sustainability, DRPG has won numerous awards and gained high visibility. In 2019, we supported the development of the DRPG 2020 – 2025 CSR Charter that aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and publicly commits to six core commitments supported by specific objectives and performance indicators.

We simply could not have done it without them. They continue to be our hand-holding ISO 14001 and ISO 20121 partner and I trust them completely to keep us at the very forefront of excellence in event sustainability.

Dale Parmenter, CEO, DRPG

Syntiro Associates
0203 589 8047

Syntiro Associates
0203 589 8047