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  • Syntiro News / January 7, 2022

    A Code Red For Humanity

    A Code Red for Humanity The latest IPCC Report, released in August this year, states three key things: Human activity has caused the dramatic rise in global heating We will exceed heating of over 1.5C and 2C (above pre-industrial levels) unless vast reductions are made now If we don’t there’s going to be catastrophic consequences […]

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  • Syntiro News / October 1, 2021

    Plastic Free July

    Plastic Free July We have become highly reliant on single-use items and in particular single-use plastic. Plastic has many valuable uses; however, it has been commodified to the point of there being extreme detrimental impacts for both the environment and human and animal health. The National Geographic has revealed the shocking fact that up to […]

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  • Syntiro News / May 26, 2021

    The Certificate Conundrum

    The Certification Conundrum   Certifications are a great way to ensure a company is taking best-in-class action, but it is essential that you know what you are buying and investing in. To help navigate this tricky path, we have put together some fast facts about the certifications and initiatives that we see coming up again […]

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  • Syntiro News / August 25, 2020

    The Clarion Awards 2020

    This year we are proud partners of the Clarion Awards. For many years we’ve had the pleasure of working with EVCOM/ the Clarions and this is a relationship we value greatly. Due to recent events, the Clarions 2020 took place virtually, with interactive elements such as a cocktail making class getting us up off our […]

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  • Syntiro News / June 14, 2020

    EcoEvents Rebrands to Syntiro Associates

      Triggered by the desire to reflect the brand’s evolution over the last 20 years, EcoEvents has decided to rebrand as Syntiro Associates. Sam Wilson, founder and managing director of Syntiro Associates founded the specialist sustainability consultancy in 1997 and has helped transform the way creative agencies integrate sustainability practices into their businesses. “The consultancy’s […]

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We need someone corralling us and telling us how to approach it all. Sam does that. She gets the creativity, she gets us through ISOs, H&S and environment standards, she sources and provides H&S professionals; helps us on audits, risk assessments and on all policies. We are her biggest, biggest fans!

Su Millar, Building Services Director and Joe Nettleton, Head of Facilities HAVAS Kings Cross

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